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The group that was once Nokia's mobile division has gone through a great number of changes in the past few years. After declining sales of Symbian devices, the company decided to go all in with Microsoft's Windows Phone platform. In a very short time, Nokia became the number one vendor of Windows Phone smartphones in the world. Despite this, the move to Windows Phone failed to revitalize the company. In August of last year, Microsoft purchased Nokia's mobile devices business in a 7.2 billion dollar acquisition. Less than a month later, Microsoft launched the Nokia Lumia 830, and the Nokia Lumia 735. These were the last two Lumia smartphones that would be branded as Nokia devices. With Nokia's phone division absorbed into Microsoft, future...

Windows Phone 8 Adds support for Multi Core SoCs, Higher Resolutions, microSD, and NFC

We're at the Windows Phone 8 summit, where Microsoft just made support for a bunch of new WP8 features official. The rumors were true, and the platform is moving...

5 by Brian Klug on 6/20/2012

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