May FAQ Update, Part 1

by Andy Hui on May 11, 2002 12:46 PM EST
This set of updates mainly looks at hardware, and aims to clear up confusion regarding various issues.

The CDROM format has been with us for a relatively long time...over 20 years. Even though the standards are relatively mature, they are still added to and extended from time to time, especially in regards to the recordable CDR and CDRW formats. The DVD recordable standards are of a much more recent vintage, with a large number of rival standards that are still in a state of flux. The wide range of choices and the compatibility problems associated with the various formats, can be extremely confusing for someone looking to buy a DVD recordable drive.

Long time forum member Eug brings us a FAQ about What is the difference between the various DVD recordable formats, and what should I buy? This FAQ looks at each of the current DVD recordable standards, compatibility and possible future directions.

The introduction of the Pentium 4 processor saw Intel introduce a new ATX standard: version 2.03. This new standard includes new power connectors from the case power supply to the Pentium 4 motherboard. There are however, many people who upgrade their systems, but do not necessarily upgrade their power supply and/or case to the latest ATX12V standard as required for Pentium 4 systems. The FAQ Do I need to plug in the ATX12V connector in my Pentium 4 system? examines what are the new power supply requirements and plugs, what these plugs do, and what effect it may have on your Pentium 4 system if those connectors are not plugged in. Even if you do not have a Pentium 4 compliant power supply, this FAQ looks at one or two of the alternatives available.

In what is the first of a number of FAQs dealing with BIOS settings, the What is S.M.A.R.T. for hard drives? FAQ deals with one of the more intriguing-sounding settings available in your BIOS. What does it do? Should it be enabled or disabled? What advantages does it bring, and does it affect performance? These common questions are answered.

Finally, this update's feature article is the Why does my computer reboot itself? FAQ from Psychoholic. This FAQ explains why Windows 2000 and Windows XP can at times, inexplicably reboot. It details how to stop the reboots and then use the blue screens which are displayed to help track down the source of the error.
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