Speaker Buyer's Guide

by Jim Warren on September 11, 2000 12:00 PM EST


Computer speaker systems have brought a new element to the computing experience.  Though they may be a form of analog technology, they are not yet archaic or outdated.  Instead, speakers serve to merge the digital world to the sensory world that we live in.  Ultimately, they have served as a catalyst for multimedia computing—what good would an MP3 or webcast be with just subtitles?

Our society has been bred on television as a medium.  Integrated video and audio is a standard set in our childhood that is now fueling a bandwidth hunger via the Internet.  As a result, computer speakers are as important as the monitor in our computing environment.  The growth of computer audio has also resulted in more choices in size, styling, and format of speaker systems.  The challenge is to find a high quality speaker system that will heighten the computer experience through quality and power, instead of an ill chosen system that holds back the entire computer.

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