If you’re running a small business or local shop in your community, you probably don’t have an IT team to keep your network up and running. But your customers still expect smooth service, quick and secure checkouts, and a reliable guest Wi-Fi network. Fortunately, all it takes is the right equipment from Aruba Instant On lineup to build a reliable network without the IT team.

The network you build out is crucial not only for keeping your own systems online, but also for providing customers an exceptional experience. Whether customers want to pick up orders from out in the parking lot or don’t want to wait in a long line because the POS system is running slowly, it’s incredibly important that your business’s network can keep up.

The Aruba Instant On AP12 access point has you covered for your indoor needs. It can blanket a retail space with stable Wi-Fi coverage capable of supporting up to 75 connected devices simultaneously. For small shops, that should be more than enough for staff equipment, POS terminals, and customers to log on to guest Wi-Fi.

With Aruba’s simple management software, you can easily create separate networks for guests and your store infrastructure. You can create a captive portal for guests logging onto the network as well, that not only makes sign-on simple but also allows you to feature deals and promotions.

Aruba Instant On makes it simple to extend the network as well. If one access point won’t be enough to cover you from the warehouse to the aisles, you can combine multiple access points, spreading coverage and increasing capacity. With Smart Mesh, you can still have a singular, lag-free network covering your establishment from corner to corner even when it’s spread over many access points.

Aruba Instant On networking hardware in the retail environment (Source: Aruba)

The Instant On AP17 access point will even help you stretch the network outside the walls of your business. This can be just as useful for exterior security equipment as it can for patios or outdoor pop-up shops that let you extend your business’s footprint outdoors. With its weatherproof enclosure, the AP17 access point will be ready and waiting for the next sunny day.

The access points all can link back to the Instant On 1930 switches. The switches provide the bandwidth you need to keep your POS running smoothly and let customers stay online, and they’ll also provide the tools you need to manage the security of your business data and customer’s sensitive information alike.

The Aruba Instant On app and web portal make it simple to build out a large, secure network that you can manage from a single screen. With remote network management tools running on AWS cloud, you can monitor all connected devices and traffic to troubleshoot network issues or tamp down on bandwidth hogs.

With Aruba Instant On networking hardware serving as the robust backbone of your network, you’re truly open for business.

You can find out more about how Aruba Instant On can fit into your business here.

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