G Flex

We've been using and working on our review of the SK Telecom version of the LG G Flex, and have heard rumors about the device coming stateside and to other markets, with LG themselves even alluding to it at the G Flex event last year in the US. Today, LG made that news official, announcing that the G Flex will be coming to the US on AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint sometime in Q1 2014 during its International CES 2014 press conference. There's not much more to the news, but the G Flex is one of the most intriguing devices to launch in recent history given its curved and flexible nature. It's great to see it come to the US for users who want to experience...

A Look at LG G Flex and its Deformable Plastic OLED DIsplay

Today we had a chance to get hands on with LG's very hyped flexible, curved smartphone, the aptly named LG G Flex. We're going to be reviewing it and...

23 by Brian Klug on 12/4/2013

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