6th Gen Xeon

At Intel's Vision 2024 event, which is being held in Phoenix, AZ, has seen several key announcements. On the datacenter CPU front, Intel is using the show to unveil their newest branding for their venerable family of Xeon processors. Beginning with this year's sixth generation of processors, Intel is "evolving" the Xeon brand by retiring the "Xeon Scalable" branding in favor of Intel's new and simplified "Xeon 6" brand. The Xeon 6 family is set to launch later this year with two primary variants: an all-performance (P) core chip codenamed Granite Rapids, and an all-efficiency (E) core chip codenamed Sierra Forest. Both of these chips will be sold under the Xeon 6 brand and sit on top of the same motherboard platform, with the Xeon...

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