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Weekly Intel Pentium 4 Motherboard Prices
Motherboard (Chipset)
CNet Pricing
ABIT TH7 RAID - Socket-423 (Intel 850)
ABIT TH7-II RAID - Socket-478 (Intel 850)
ASUS P4B - Socket-478 (Intel 845)
ASUS P4T - Socket-423 (Intel 850)
ASUS P4T-E - Socket-478 (Intel 850)
ECS P4ITA - Socket-423 (Intel 850)
MSI 850 Pro5 - Socket-478 (Intel 850)
Shuttle AV40 - Socket-478 (VIA P4X266)

We've mentioned it for a while now and we'll continue to stress it: there is no reason to purchase anything other than Socket-478 boards if you're going to build a Pentium 4 system. Of those we've had good experience with the ABIT TH7-II RAID and the ASUS P4T. We've got a P4X266 roundup in the works and will add the boards that pass our tests with flying colors to this table in the coming weeks. Our recommendation here goes to both the ABIT and ASUS Socket-478 Pentium 4 offerings, take your pick.

Weekly Intel Pentium III/Celeron (Socket-370) Motherboard Prices
Motherboard (Chipset)
CNet Pricing
ASUS TUSL2 (i815E B-Step)
EPoX 3PTA (i815EP B-Step)
MSI 815EMT Pro (i815E B-Step)

If you are in the market for an i815 based motherboard you'll want something based on the latest B-Stepping of the chipset which supports all 0.13-micron Pentium III processors including the new Tualatin processors. If you've read our review you'll know that the Tualatin performs quite well although it unfortunately carries a pretty high price tag considering it is being phased out.

We've had the most experience with the ASUS TUSL2 and little experience with the remaining two boards so we'll leave the decision here up to you. Be sure to check out our i815 B-Step roundup to find out exactly what to look for in these motherboards.

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