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Memory Module
CNet Pricing
DDR333 (PC2700) CAS 2.5 - 256MB
DDR266 (PC2100) CAS 2.5 - 256MB
DDR266 (PC2100) CAS 2.5 - 256MB ECC
DDR200 (PC1600) CAS 2 - 256MB
DDR266 (PC2100) CAS 2.5 - 128MB
DDR266 (PC2100) CAS 2.5 - 128MB ECC
DDR200 (PC1600) CAS 2 - 128MB
PC800 RDRAM - 256MB
PC800 RDRAM - 128MB
PC150 CAS 2 - 256MB
PC133 CAS 2 - 256MB
PC150 CAS 2 - 128MB
PC133 CAS 2 - 128MB

Memory prices are at rock bottom prices, however there may be some confusion as to what modules to purchase. Although we list it as DDR333, JEDEC has not officially approved a DDR333 standard. The modules that are currently selling as DDR333 are basically DDR266 modules that will work at 166MHz DDR. The price premium DDR333 currently carries (although it's only $24 in this case) isn't worth it because you're not buying "real" DDR333.

Our recommendation goes to the 256MB DDR266 module with a 2.5 clock CAS latency (currently CAS 2 DDR266 is very rare). The small increase in price is worth it as you get a module that is guaranteed to work at the most widely used DDR frequency.

With RDRAM you don't have many options to choose from; $97 for a 256MB stick is definitely much more reasonable than prices were a year ago. As for PC133 and unofficial PC150 modules, the prices speak for themselves. We never expected to see the day when shipping on PC133 SDRAM would cost more than the module itself.

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