The second part of our Weekly Price Guide is here. This week we are tracking best deals on memory and some of the more popular motherboards. Our new and improved pricelist will guide you through all of the new prices, and hopefully you will be able to understand this market a little better.

The basic goal is to provide you with the best deals, and show you the progress of listed products. We have selected a leading team of on-line vendors, and will be tracking their progress on weekly basis. Please note that all vendors were selected according to their best price offered. Some vendors may ask that you place a phone order to make sure that you receive our listed price; others simply ask that you mention a list where you found the price - in this case AnandTech. We have tried to eliminate vendors with low feedback rating, but we do encourage you to do some sort of rating research before purchasing any product from this list.

If you encounter any problems with a vendor on our list, please e-mail us, and we will take appropriate action. Remember that we will only list vendors with positive customer feedback. If you have any suggestions, don't hesitate to let me know.

Also be sure to check out AnandTech's Hot Deals Forum for even more great CPU, video card and other technology buys.


AnandTech does not endorse any vendor listed in the following price guide. AnandTech does not receive any advertising fees and/or sponsorship contracts from the vendors listed below. All views expressed by listed vendors do not reflect the opinions of AnandTech.

AnandTech, nor any of the vendors mentioned guarantee that the prices listed in this guide.

This week

This week we are tracking DDR SDRAM in both its flavors: PC2100 (266MHz) and PC1600 (200MHz). Crucial, a division of Micron, is our only provider at this time for DDR SDRAM. Although you can buy the memory, motherboards with appropriate support for DDR SDRAM are still not available. Hopefully we'll see them before the end of the year.

PC133 and PC100 SDRAM prices have dropped significantly, and surprisingly Rambus' RDRAM is available for a relatively small premium over PC133 RAM. High-end Socket-A and Socket-370 motherboards are dropping rapidly in price as well, making them available to most users. We have also listed a few low-end models if you wish to upgrade and don't need all the advanced features that can add extra cost.


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