Welcome to AnandTech' s first weekly price guide. This article is designed to guide you through all of the latest price changes on selected products. For ease of use we broke our guide into two main sections: CPU/Video card Prices and Memory/Motherboard prices. Each guide will be updated and replaced every other week, meaning that today you will see CPU and Video card prices, while the Memory/Motherboard Price Guide is scheduled for next Friday.

The basic goal is to provide you with the best deals, and show you the progress of listed products. We have selected a leading team of on-line vendors, and will be tracking their progress on weekly bases. Please note that all vendors were selected according to their best price offered. Some vendors may ask that you place a phone-order to make sure that you receive our listed price; others simply ask that you mention a list where you found the price (In this case AnandTech). We have tried to eliminate vendors with low feedback rating, but we do encourage you to do some sort of a rating research before purchasing any product from this list.

If you encounter any problems with a vendor on our list, please email us, and we will take appropriate action. Remember that we will only list vendors with positive customer feedback. If you have any suggestions, don't hesitate to email us.

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AnandTech does not endorse any vendor listed in the following price guide. AnandTech does not receive any advertising fees or/and sponsorship contracts from the listed vendors. All views expressed by listed vendors do not reflect the opinions of AnandTech.

AnandTech, nor any of the vendors mentioned guarantee that the prices listed in this guide.

This week

This is our first week, so it will serve as the beginning to our tracking progress. Most prices are dropping, while some result in a steady price stall, and others even rise here and there. We have listed several new products, and anticipating the arrival of several others; such as 133MHz FSB AMD Thunderbirds. While you might not be able to take advantage of the listed Intel P4, we decided that it's a very interesting product to track.

Intel CPUs

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