While the AMD scene might be slightly confusing right now, the Intel side of things appears to be clearly the opposite. Intel’s i865PE chipset was an amazing success, and if you need proof just check out Evan’s 20-way i865PE/i875P roundup. We were very pleased to see that the lower cost i865PE boards actually outperformed many of the i875P solutions.

Product Vendor Price Shipping Total
Motherboard Intel
845E Abit IT7 MAX2 GameVE 135.00 0.00 135.00 Check Prices
845E ASUS P4B533-E Googlegear 102.99 0.00 102.99 Check Prices
845E Tyan S2099GNNR Googlegear 171.00 0.00 171.00 Check Prices
845G Abit BG7 GameVE 102.00 6.75 108.75 Check Prices
845PE ABIT BH7 GameVE 73.00 6.75 79.75 Check Prices
845PE Albatron PX845PEV Pro GameVE 77.00 0.00 77.00 Check Prices
845PE ASUS P4PE Googlegear 103.99 0.00 103.99 Check Prices
845PE Gigabyte 8PE667 GameVE 143.00 6.75 149.75 Check Prices
845PE Gigabyte GA-8PE800 Googlegear 85.95 0.00 85.95 Check Prices
845PE Gigabyte GA-8PE800 Ultra Googlegear 142.95 0.00 142.95 Check Prices
845PE Intel D845PEBT2 Spartan Technologies 105.00 7.95 112.95 Check Prices
845PE MSI MAX2-FIR GameVE 146.00 0.00 146.00 Check Prices
850E ASUS P4T533 Googlegear 151.50 0.00 151.50 Check Prices
850E Gigabyte GA-81HXP Googlegear 159.99 0.00 159.99 Check Prices
850E MSI MAX GameVE 125.00 6.75 131.75 Check Prices
865PE Abit IS7 Googlegear 108.95 0.00 108.95 Check Prices
865PE Albatron Px865PE Pro NewEgg 106.00 5.00 111.00 Check Prices
865PE ASUS P4P800 Deluxe Googlegear 144.99 0.00 144.99 Check Prices
865PE MSI Neo2-FIS2R Googlegear 162.00 0.00 162.00 Check Prices
875P ABIT IC7 Googlegear 134.50 0.00 134.50 Check Prices
875P ASUS P4C800 Deluxe NuTrend 184.00 0.00 184.00 Check Prices
875P DFI LanParty Pro 875 Googlegear 199.99 0.00 199.99 Check Prices
875P Gigabyte GA-8KNXP Googlegear 225.00 0.00 225.00 Check Prices
875P Gigabyte GA-8KNXP Ultra NewEgg 382.00 0.00 382.00 Check Prices
875P MSI NEO-FIS2R Spartan Technologies 167.00 7.95 174.95 Check Prices
E7205 ASUS P4G8X Deluxe NewEgg 159.99 0.00 159.99 Check Prices
E7205 Gigabyte 8INXP NewEgg 158.00 0.00 158.00 Check Prices
E7205 IWill P4GB NewEgg 189.00 0.00 189.00 Check Prices
E7205 MSI Master-L Googlegear 99.00 0.00 99.00 Check Prices

Remember, check out our RealTime Price Engine to see these prices in real time.

The Abit IS7 got our Gold Editors Choice in the last motherboard roundup. From a performance and price standpoint, it seems very well deserved. Our RealTime Price Engine lists the IS7 around $109 shipped, which makes it the lowest priced i865PE board. The performance tests consistently put the motherboard at or above ASUS’s P4P800, as well. Not too often to we find such a diamond in the rough when it comes to motherboards. If you are in the market for a new Intel board, the IS7 is the way to go.

If the IS7 is not your cup of tea, there are several good performers out there as well. The Albatron PX865 Pro II offers solid performance at a low price, while the ASUS P4P800 Deluxe performs exceptionally with a $145 price tag.

Again we don’t really see much competition from SIS and even other Intel chipsets. The i875P proved to be a fairly lackluster chipset compared to the i865, and Granite Bay is almost worthless. SIS’s 655FX and 648FX have not hit many retail channels and still don’t match up to the i865PE anyway.

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