January FAQ Update

by Andy Hui on January 4, 2003 2:13 PM EST
It has been quite some time since the last FAQ Update, so there are a larger than usual number of FAQs to introduce.

In pursuit of the fastest load times for Windows, the Creative Audigy splash screen is often one of the first victims.  Creative does not make it immediately obvious how to remove it, but you can find instructions in How do I disable the Creative Audigy splash screen?

Upgrading your system can be a lot of fun, but when something doesn't seem right, such as the processor speed, it can quickly become frustrating.  One regularly seen problem with Athlon XP processors is that it seems to run at an incorrect, slower speed.  Why is my Athlon XP being detected as slower than it really is? explains what happens and how to resolve it.

After all this time, Electrode is still hard at work on his Linux guides.  Introduction to running apps remotely with *NIX is another thorough, step-by-step guide to unlocking this clever feature.

One of the most useful features of Linux is the Loopback device. This is a function of the Linux kernel that lets you do things like mount ISO files without burning it to a CD, create an encrypted filesystem, hide a filesystem with steganography, create initialization RAM disks for boot CDs and floppies, and much, much more.  Mounting ISO files, encrypting hard drives, and other applications of the Linux Loopback Device, again by Electrode, explains how to use it.

We already have an article on how to dual-boot Windows NT and Linux using the Windows NT bootloader but Electrode gives us another option with his regular step-by-step guides on Dual booting Windows and Linux using LILO.

Another common issue that crops up is the discrepancy between advertised hard drive space and actual space seen by the computer.  New FAQ contributor Woodchuck2000 explains the capacity measurements used by hard drive manufacturers, as opposed to the one used by your computer and the operating system, here in Why doesn’t my hard drive have the advertised amount of space?

Many Windows users are baffled at the Administrative Shares in Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP that just won't go away.  How do I permanently stop Administrative Shares? should save you a lot of time and frustration.

With people regularly formatting and reinstalling their systems, there are many items they need to back up which are a part of Windows.  These include the emails in Outlook Express.  Microsoft does not store them in an easy to find place, but How do I back up and restore my Outlook Express mails? will help you find them and allow you to move them to a safe place before you nuke your system.

With the huge variety in technology and features in digital cameras, it is essential to ask What do I need to look for in a Digital Camera? in order to make an informed purchase decision.  New FAQ contributor aka1nas looks at such features as megapixels, zoom, lenses, memory formats and batteries in the area of digital photography.
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