Today, we release our second Buyer's Guide since last week. We had originally planned to release our first new Buyer's Guide on Monday last week, but delayed it to Tuesday for pricing reasons. Anyway, as stated in the first edition, you can look forward to Buyer's Guides every week, and after the end of each month we will retool our guides to reflect the new hardware and pricing of that particular time period. In case you haven't read our new Buyer's Guide yet, here's the basic format of them to be released on a weekly basis:

Week 1: Budget System
Week 2: Mid-Range System
Week 3: Cutting Edge System
Week 4: Overclocking System

For every component that goes into a computer, we pick our favorite piece of hardware as well as our runner-up piece of hardware. We've added runner-up hardware picks to our guides because it allows AnandTech to recommend a wider variety of hardware (especially for those willing to spend a little more than what we budget for a particular system). At the same time, we can be assertive enough with a first place recommendation so that new buyers aren't indecisive or confused about what to purchase. Most of the prices listed for the hardware that we recommend can be found in our very own RealTime Pricing Engine. Any prices not found in our engine can be found on In addition to our Buyer's Guides and RealTime pricing engine, we suggest that you peruse our Price Guides so that you are not only informed about the best hardware for your computing needs, but also where to find the best deals on that hardware.

We are always taking suggestions on how to improve our Buyer's Guides. If you feel we are not including a wide enough variety of systems in our guides, please let us know and we can see if it warrants an additional weekly Buyer's Guide.

Mid-Range Computing
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  • gordon151 - Thursday, February 26, 2004 - link

    Come on Evan, thought youd know by now that the DSP in the Audigy doesn't support anything higher than 16/48 even though the DACs that it uses do. Thus no 24bit audio on Audigy ES. Only Audigy 2 and up fix this shortcoming.
  • Ecmaster76 - Thursday, February 26, 2004 - link

    While it might be iffy on the nforce2 boards external controller, I would definitely reccomend using the SATA version of the Seagate drive on the Asus board (stay away from Maxtor SATA, they use bridge chip that has a bad rep. for compatibility problems). I'm using a SATA Barracuda 80GB, 8MB cache drive and it is sweet!

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